show help!? 7/11
Posted by bigwavesofpretty on 2012-05-10 12:58:24pm

hey undietaco-ites,
would you any of you natives or kindly still-connected like to please help book a show in sacramento on Wednesday, July 11th?

My band, Big Waves of Pretty, is doing a U.S. tour and we're hoping to perform somewhere in Sacramento on 7/11.

BWOP is a trio and we like to think of ourselves as a versatile--we've prepared several sets of songs/tunes/ideas to perform depending on the environment/circumstances--heavier raucous jams, softer lighter numbers, "experimental" noise freakouts, and "indie-pop". So we like playing shows with all kinds of folks in all kinds of spaces!

and I book shows in Memphis TN, and have strong connections at Beloit College, a sweet little tour stop between Chicago and Madison/Milwaukee. I'd be more than happy to help book you and your friends in those places.


jackkatze AT
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