Re: black presidents
Posted by sfl on 2012-02-09 6:24:58pm

...having schizophrenia

:I was wondering today, what the fuck is this song about?
:Peanut farmer, b-movie actor
:Awakening coughs
:Desires for powers
:Prime the ministers
:Watch them go off
:You have to be hardy to rest on your laurels
:You have to be hardy, but I'm so intense
:A bun in the oven, I'd fry in the fridge
:A newspaper, crowd blind, snow blind
:Close one eye, become their king
:The walls between you and me
:Are you a snake?
:I'll use a ladder!
:I'll use a ladder!
:I'll use a ladder!
:Robotic cool can mingle with my humanoid fool
:You have to be hardy
:You have to be hardy to rest on your laurels!
:To stop all changes make time redundant!
:Black black black black president

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