Tues., Nov 8: The Spits come to Sacramento!
Posted by KDVS Presents on 2011-11-03 3:26:11pm

KDVS 90.3 FM presents...
the original masters of FUNPUNK!

THE SPITS!!! (Seattle/In the Red/Slovenly/Dirtnap/etc)
w/ special guests
plus Sacto's own

& RAD!

(There will only be one equipment change, and at least two of these bands' combined musical program adds up to less than 60 minutes! This will not be your typical five-band marathon night!)

Tuesday, November 8
@ Luigi's Fungarden

1050 20th Street
Sacramento CA 95816
(btwn J and K Streets)

$7 only
all ages

The world changed forever in the year 2000 when THE SPITS ushered in the new era of FUNPUNK, which sadly degenerated in recent years with the PIZZAPUNK zeitgeist, so the original masters reclaimed the FUNPUNK crown in 2009 with the release of IV a/k/a their fourth self-titled album of braincell-devastating punk anthems (and perhaps best) on In the Red Records, and they've extended their dominance in 2011 with two albums, their fifth plus the Kill the Kool tour LP. This is their first visit to Sacramento since their early years.
2004 tour movie

"Live in a Van"

"Don't Shoot"

The Spits are bringing Kansas crazies the Mouthbreathers who have a hot new 7" on In the Red Records of snot-soaked garagepunk! Of course, it's hot shit...Not just any band gets to release their 2nd record on In the Red. Have a listen...

The Croissants are totally rad speedy funpunk 2/3 composed of Charles Albright's backing band, but they kick ass in their own right!

Teef are a cousin branch of the Boats! family tree and got Melendo and are also totally rad!

Speaking of totally rad, the new Sacto band Rad! is kicking this off at 8pm in the style of 80s HC at its funnest. Killer fem vox, and the blazing guitar of one Charles Albright!
They played live on KDVS a couple weeks ago and nailed it! You can listen here...
(15 songs in, like, 12 minutes!)

Please bring a gang of friends and lose your braincells together to some raw, real punk rock.

DJ Rick

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