Re: Re: Der Bike Shop
Posted by S.F.L. on 2011-08-31 12:27:11am

Thought the grocery triangle got derailed due to arguments over parking situation... That live/work/living space spot in the empty/abandoned lot will take a minute anyhow. It still has Insidious posters all over it, from what I can see. In the meanwhile...all that space/no housing nearby could = good music spot. The church across the alley behind it has a loud ass house band anyhow!
:if things go according to plan, there's gonna be a ton of stuff right across the street --- Fresh and Easy grocery at 34th and Broadway and this development starting across 2nd ave --
:they've been talking about doing this for years but pretty sure they just broke ground on the grocery and the redevelopment money got approved for the Broadway Triangle
::Anyone gots money to buy that thing on the corner of 34th and 2nd Ave? It's got cool apartments above it and a sweet space for practice/shows at street level. Somebody ambitious buy that damn thing! Or at least someone with better credit than me.

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