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Posted by data on 2011-01-02 8:13:48pm

Kirk smelled of Hydrogen Sulfide.

:The answer is quite simply: Patrik Pacard.
:Pacard, not to be confused with the 1990's science fiction character "Jean-Luc Picard", was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Despite Jamaica's widespread poverty, Pacard has emerged as a national hero, and has easily become Jamaica's most well known cultural export.
: * Pacard is the rumored "5th Man" of the Jamaican Bobsled Team.
: * Whatever Pacard touches, he turns EPIC.
: * "Cool Runnings" is Pacard's nickname in bed (given to him by all his colleagues' wives)
: * Pacard is currently the President of Jamaica while Mr. President is on vacation.
: * Pacard is part owner of Hewlett-Packard. It is spelled "Packard" on the logo because he wanted to incorporate his favorite activity, packing bowls.

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