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Posted by based daturra set corrective on 2010-12-23 11:11:42am

Sleigh Bells - Treats
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
Fang Island - Fang Island
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Pendulum - Immersion
Salem - King Night
Slash - Slash
Venetian Snares - My So-Called Life
Wavves - King of the Beach
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
m.i.a Maya
mgmt congratulations

:i would love to hear what any of you think were some of the best records of the last year on earth, becuase i honestly respect your opinions, and want to find out what ive been missing out on and get a read on where things are and where thier going.. i my self have a hard time thinking of anything that came out this year.
:two good ones were before today, and maniac meat.
:the four tet record that came out was really good.
:did the maayoors record come out this year or last yearh?
:i dont know what else, i guess this band TITS had a pretty cool tape

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