Re: Re: 3rd wrld rock and roll
Posted by ace ventura pet detective on 2010-12-13 1:21:18pm

well, do you know a good resource for contemporary music in the global south, as opposed to one focusing on oop psych recordords?
something like, for example, tein mein 89?

:there are a lot of other countries.
:nice attempt to be cooler than some "nerd" in a larger city but obviously you want the same information that nerd is already making public for you to consume without sounding like a naive cool-because-you're-uncool prick on a message board.
:what difference does it make where the person keeping the blog is located? what if that nerd running the ethiopian jazz blog in brooklyn is from addis ababa but lives in new york now? does location even matter on the internet? are you only interested in consuming directly from the "Other" because the exotic is so intoxicating?
::hi, i was wondering if anyone knows a good resource or blog about music in other countries that is done by someone in that country instead of some nerd in berkly/williamsburg? i am curious about what is up now, more so then what is rad old collectors items..

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