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Posted by G.C. on 2010-12-05 8:50:47pm

::Really?! Selling tickets in advance? Why don't you send the show to a real venue instead of the hub? This area is already a fucking pariah for touring acts and then you derail a show that could've had like 200 bodies... i'm not telling where to hold the show but shows of this nature, usually, folks in the position to do so set it up in a legit spot... why make the hub legit? there is no logical point, it's a piss pour venue that only works in the capacity it is in. Way to go logistical heads of a faulty scene. If there was a real push to legitamize anyhthing then people would do a better job at locating real estate, getting permits, fire code shit, etc... instead a makeshift spot becomes an offical venue and in a matter of time it will be capital garage or luigis, a waste of energy and youth. you folks really let a lot of us down, and it's your job, not anyone elses because you're THE GATEKEEPERS... of all the available acts that could cruise through here,but it's visible peripheral stuff that does get acknowledged and it is so bland and boring... there is no creativity in sacramento and it shows in the lack of bands, venues, and shared collective mentality... before anyone says "stop bitching and do it yourself" and the like comment, just listen instead of being defensive. seriously, you know it, you've succumbed to hum-drum desensitized cultural frivolity.
:Where the hell is the Hub at? I wanna go, I just moved up here and tons of good bands play there, Where is it? And by the way, I don't give a shit about this political social bullshit that this thread consists of,I just read it in hopes to find directions to the place, but I just wanna see the bands I love play up here, the non sense of legitimacy and comparisons of other scenes is a complete distortion of the actual fact of seeing, playing, growing, and being involved in music. Anyways, I heard that "The Hub" is a "secret" venue that you have to pay some membership fee??? i don't give a fuck, I'll pay, I just don't wanna miss Carson McWhirter or Z's when there potentially 15 minutes from my door for 5 dollars again, ya'll feel me, hook me up with the know-how, I'm new up here, I need guidance in the right direction- Thanks- Gene
One last side note, theres a show coming up at L. Ron Hubbard as the music venue, is this the hub as well?

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