Re: dj screw/terry rielly
Posted by Chad on 2010-11-12 9:52:23am

Buy the Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting record instead, Pat is trying to do something different with the screwed style and it's great. if you want DJ Screw stuff June 27th is regarded as one of his best. also Duck Sick, Syrup and Soda, and Pussy Weed and Alcohol are good ones

:article in nyt art section recently about how indie rock bands are into a real slow sound right now, sludge rock ect, it said it was becuase of DJ screw, instead of ,say, black sabbath or tony conrad, talked about a genre called "witch core" is this stuff cool, or not really? is it a made up genre like, say, grime?
:allso related topic, what are some of the picks from the dj screw tapes? i just downloaded #70 "endo-nesia" what are some of the other gems?

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