Re: Re: The Hub Sucks
Posted by orly? on 2010-11-08 2:06:02pm

Oh really, you ask bands all the time: "What is the worst city that you have played in?" And you tabulated the responses, and L.A. or San Diego didn't win? (or Denver, Albuquerque, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Charlotte, etc.)

:I don't really read this message board, nor did I read many responses, but was interested based on this heading.
:Sacramento is one of the worst cities I have ever been to for touring bands to pass through.
:People in Sac might disagree, but EVERY band I have met on the road will say so.
:That being said, at least there is an alternative to the shitty clubs, as bad as you might think it is.
:I'm sure whatever band or show you're talking about had a way better time at the Hub than ....
:wherever else you're thinking of.

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