Re: majesty at the hub nov 4
Posted by huzzah on 2010-11-04 7:55:14pm

this is one of my favorite posts ever on this board
:well hey now i dont understand all this hullabaloo bout the hub, it seems a cool newer place for the free kids like the loft and old cap garage was for the older ones like me. its frustrating booking shows in sac which ive done in the past as theres so much damn talented musicians, artist, graffiti, etc here but its like the aboveground doesnt support it so it has to stay underground and so gets ignored by the powers that be and in turn we mistrust all outside motives and attentions. which of course works in a way, as i dont think sac really ever wanted to be a next seattle or austin. plus once the above grounders "get us" it seems the magics gone and then people get shot on second saturday if you get my drift. but that seems to be what happened to the 60s too, something seemed real, then it got trended, then it died. but that great and raw spirit lives on in this town and its bands and in bookers that take chances and book places that reach out to bring new and exciting music to those who want to find their music by actually doing research and listening to each song. its a process of ancient and arcane wisdom and energy being passed from instrument to instrument and i for one am glad its still alive. it means money is not yet in total control and thats good. i mean i have a new band called majesty, with some members of red tyger church and were still rusty but we love our records weve grown up with and try to play our souls out and the hub has chosen to give us a chance to play there nov 4th with two powerful bands who will be an excitng challenge for us to play with, those being lesbian and times of desperation. and hey if we get rotten veggies thrown at us at least thats an action word and thats whats great about this town, it never stops throwing things, im very lucky to live here and to be part of this rich tradition of rebellion and free thinking. so turn on the amps of dawn.

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