Sacto...please meet Therapists
Posted by DJ Rick on 2010-10-29 3:32:03pm

:Personal & the Pizzas are one of the funnest and crowd-pleasingest bands to see live, and they are coming back to Thee |-|.u.|3 to play with one of the funnest and crowd-pleasingest bands who've solidified that reputation everywhere else but here....Yes, the Mean Jeans are finally coming to Sacto.
:The special cover pricing scheme that worked for the Paul Collins' Beat show will be back...
:Cover is $7 if paying in exact change.
:One person paying with a $20 gets only $10 change.
:BUT...cover is $5 if paying in exact change before 9:15pm! member fees for tonight = FREE. I'll eat that dollar tonight.
:Show will start promptly when the cover goes up to 7/10. Skumby canceled. A dazzling and appropos fun(ny)-punk rockin' good-times band will be announced soon.
:Have a listen to these Mean Jeans...
:HUH? HUH? Ready to party???

Okay....third band is here: Therapists

Show up by 9:15pm for maximum value!

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