11/7: Personal & the Pizzas / Mean Jeans (pricing scheme)
Posted by KDVS Presents on 2010-10-29 3:29:18pm

Personal & the Pizzas are one of the funnest and crowd-pleasingest bands to see live, and they are coming back to Thee |-|.u.|3 to play with one of the funnest and crowd-pleasingest bands who've solidified that reputation everywhere else but here....Yes, the Mean Jeans are finally coming to Sacto.

The special cover pricing scheme that worked for the Paul Collins' Beat show will be back...

Cover is $7 if paying in exact change.
One person paying with a $20 gets only $10 change.

BUT...cover is $5 if paying in exact change before 9:15pm!
AND...new member fees for tonight = FREE. I'll eat that dollar tonight.

Show will start promptly when the cover goes up to 7/10. Skumby canceled. A dazzling and appropos fun(ny)-punk rockin' good-times band will be announced soon.

Have a listen to these Mean Jeans...

HUH? HUH? Ready to party???
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