Posted by sharm on 2010-10-25 2:16:15pm

Hey all,

There is a really sick concert series happening at the Mondavi Center this week, brought to you by the UCD Music Department and curated by Sam Nichols. A bunch of us KDVS DJs will be performing and there are going to be some amazing pieces performed. I would really really recommend this to anyone who is interested in experimental, mixed media, and/or electronic music as well as any interest in hand-made instruments. There's a bunch of events going on that are going to be really cool which you should all go to, but the one I'm really pushing for you all to attend is on October 28th at 7pm. We will be performing David Tudor's Rainforest in the Mondavi Center Hallway on all 3 floors. This performance involves hand made electronics, found objects, and improvised sound sources.

These performances will remind you of why you are interested in music, I promise. Among the other pieces performed will be: Alvin Lucier's Silver Streetcar of the Orchestra for Amplified Triangle, John Cage's Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard, and Aphex Twin / Stefan Freund's Cock ver 10.



David Tudor's Rainforest
Thurs, Oct. 28th, 7pm.
UCD Mondavi Center
All ages

More information: http://music.ucdavis.edu/madnessandmusic

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