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Posted by Anne Halo on 2010-10-17 6:36:32pm

Is this the crazy bitch that freaked out at ORMF during Mattress? It sounds like the same nonsensical shit.

I'm a bit late in responding but I have to give my 2 cents. My husband and I grew up in a so called cultural desert that legitimately is a desert, Reno. We moved here 4 years ago and thanks to KDVS we found a world of awesome music and shows. Now that I know about this kind of music (instead of relying on Pitchfork, Emusic, and Subterranean) I see that Reno has house and bar shows with some of these same bands. Maybe the music scene had always been vibrant but we weren't in the know. Although I doubt it because my husband booked the Apples in Stereo after their first (or was it second?) record came out at a popular local bar and hardly anyone showed up. Another time, Erase Errata played but they quit after about 3 songs because there were only a few of us that were actually paying attention.

As for venues, in Reno there weren't many spots for all ages shows because of the alcohol and gambling. Liquor licenses are expensive and there's a lot that goes into getting a space to be legit (i.e fire codes). It's the same problem EVERYWHERE as someone else on the board pointed out.

I did have the same concern about this show being at a smaller venue than Sol Collective, but as Rick stated the band prefers to play a smaller show. This will most likely be their one and only time to do so. If not being able to get a ticket is what has you miffed, you do have a right to be disappointed but don't be bitter to other people out of jealousy. Show some respect.

Also, what's not to love about the Hub? I'm a pretty shy person and it took me a bit to be able to stand in the front row. Now, I don't want it any other way. What's so great about being behind a partition and craning to look up at a band that's ridiculously far away? Is it that you have to get your drink on and talk loudly to your friend(s) WHILE the band is playing? You can do that at the Hub. BYOB and stand in the back. You'll still have a great view. However, if the Hub was an asshole to you in some way and you still hate "it", there are LOTS of house shows & other venues. Then again, you should know this because you obviously know about Undie Tacos.

As for culture, the art scene in Sacramento is amazing. There are so many great galleries (i.e. Sol Collective - a great example of "shared collective mentality", Verge) and fantastic local artists. There's Second Saturday, craft fairs, all kinds of shops in Mid Town, an unbelievable selection of solely vegetarian restaurants (Reno had/has 2), celebrations for all the cultural, ethnic and religious holidays. I'd never met anyone from Russia, Albania, or the Figi Islands until I moved here. You are taking this town for granted.

Sorry about the ramble but it pisses me off that someone who is obviously "in the know" can still believe that this town has nothing to offer. All I can say is that an old fart like myself was in complete awe when my husband and I were invited to the Funcastle after ORMF and if you pieced together all the people that were there you could have had an impromptu Sacto-polooza with the following bands:

Sexy Prison
Karate Party
G Green
Buk Buk Bigups
Vichy Water
Nice Dresses
and the headliner would have been...

If you are still convinced that Sacramento is devoid of any bands, fun, or culture you can always make the short trek to Davis. We've got plenty of musical culture and diversity.

You make no sense.

:Really?! Selling tickets in advance? Why don't you send the show to a real venue instead of the hub? This area is already a fucking pariah for touring acts and then you derail a show that could've had like 200 bodies... i'm not telling where to hold the show but shows of this nature, usually, folks in the position to do so set it up in a legit spot... why make the hub legit? there is no logical point, it's a piss pour venue that only works in the capacity it is in. Way to go logistical heads of a faulty scene. If there was a real push to legitamize anyhthing then people would do a better job at locating real estate, getting permits, fire code shit, etc... instead a makeshift spot becomes an offical venue and in a matter of time it will be capital garage or luigis, a waste of energy and youth. you folks really let a lot of us down, and it's your job, not anyone elses because you're THE GATEKEEPERS... of all the available acts that could cruise through here,but it's visible peripheral stuff that does get acknowledged and it is so bland and boring... there is no creativity in sacramento and it shows in the lack of bands, venues, and shared collective mentality... before anyone says "stop bitching and do it yourself" and the like comment, just listen instead of being defensive. seriously, you know it, you've succumbed to hum-drum desensitized cultural frivolity.

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