Re: The Hub Sucks
Posted by nort on 2010-10-15 4:27:51pm

"it's a piss pour venue"

That's "piss poor", ya know.

"Way to go logistical heads of a faulty scene."

The scene neeeds a new hero who will make it FAULTLESS!

"you folks really let a lot of us down"


"and it's your job"

No it ain't. The scene ain't your entertainment taco bell. Ya don't like it, go away quietly.

"because you're THE GATEKEEPERS... of all the available acts that could cruise through here"

It's like magic!!!!! Rick could have Lady Gaw Gaw at the hub but he just doesn't feel like her clothes would go with the place.

"it's visible peripheral stuff that does get acknowledged and it is so bland and boring..."

Oh I KNOW, I hate that visible peripheral stuff too. Especially the "visible" part. It's crazy, it's like you can see it and shit!

"there is no creativity in sacramento and it shows in the lack of bands, venues"

(there's 5000 bands but none that he likes)

"and shared collective mentality..."

(and stuff that I like)

before anyone says "stop bitching and do it yourself"

Stop bitching and do it yourself.

"just listen instead of being defensive."

Say something constructive instead of being offensive.

"seriously, you know it, you've succumbed to hum-drum desensitized cultural frivolity."

Oh I give up, you're totally right (writes will, sets self on fire, shoots self in head while jumping off a bridge, etc...)

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