Re: Re: KDVS Presents declares Fall 2010 FEATS OF STRENGTH!
Posted by bubut on 2010-10-15 8:36:00am

yes, this is the scenario that's gonna put two in the back of the scene's head.

who exactly are these 40 people who will pay $15 to show up for three weekend nights in a row (and stay through the entirety of each fucking thing) to see bands that they don't like purely because they might have a 1/40 chance at winning free merchandise from those same bands and a ticket to a future show they presumably wouldn't like either? or who would even pay $5 and most of a friday night for a 1/40 shot at just the ticket?

don't carry the negativity signs, bad math isn't gonna save your "underground shows" and their "nature."

:so, if 40 people show up to these shows, and think the music sucks, how is that conducive to the nature of underground shows? What are you going to tell the bands if they're stoked, and no one really gives a shit? you might as well jsut give the bands 50 bucks each and a bucket of kfc for endorsing this spectacle. this is jsut the kind of thing i'd expect from jerry perry.
::KDVS presents Feats of Strength
::This is the first of three KDVS Presents shows in three consecutive nights this week at The Hub (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). I will be giving a single Wild Flag/Grass Widow (Wed 11/17, SOLD OUT!) ticket away at each show by staging a free raffle. Every paid attendee at each show will receive a raffle ticket for the drawing at the night's end. When we have a consecutive streak of particularly awesome shows, we like to call that "Feats of Strength". If anyone attends all three shows, they will be entered into a raffle at the Saturday show to win a pair of Wild Flag/Grass Widow tickets plus a sweep of the merch table on Saturday (one copy of each new record by each band, plus the Grass Widow LP), and shall be named winner of "Feats of Strength - Fall 2010". These tickets will be transferable, so even if you purchased Wild Flag tix, you can win 'em, too.
::1st Feat: Thu 10/14
::H.P.P. (Olympia, WA)
::+ RAPE WHISTLE (ladypower HC/thrash)
::& SQUIDZ (ex-Pisol Pete)
::2nd Feat: Fri 10/15
::Sex Church (Canada)
::Satan Wriders (Stockton)
::3rd Feat: Sat 10/16
::Malaikat Dan Singa (feat. Arrington de Dionysio; it's basically Old Time Relijun interpreting Indonesian pop)
::Buk Buk Bigups
::San(s) Kazakgascar
::For more info, see calendar.

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