KDVS Presents declares Fall 2010 FEATS OF STRENGTH!
Posted by DJ Rick on 2010-10-11 1:06:47pm

KDVS presents Feats of Strength

This is the first of three KDVS Presents shows in three consecutive nights this week at The Hub (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). I will be giving a single Wild Flag/Grass Widow (Wed 11/17, SOLD OUT!) ticket away at each show by staging a free raffle. Every paid attendee at each show will receive a raffle ticket for the drawing at the night's end. When we have a consecutive streak of particularly awesome shows, we like to call that "Feats of Strength". If anyone attends all three shows, they will be entered into a raffle at the Saturday show to win a pair of Wild Flag/Grass Widow tickets plus a sweep of the merch table on Saturday (one copy of each new record by each band, plus the Grass Widow LP), and shall be named winner of "Feats of Strength - Fall 2010". These tickets will be transferable, so even if you purchased Wild Flag tix, you can win 'em, too.

1st Feat: Thu 10/14
H.P.P. (Olympia, WA)
+ RAPE WHISTLE (ladypower HC/thrash)
& SQUIDZ (ex-Pisol Pete)

2nd Feat: Fri 10/15
Sex Church (Canada)
Satan Wriders (Stockton)

3rd Feat: Sat 10/16
Malaikat Dan Singa (feat. Arrington de Dionysio; it's basically Old Time Relijun interpreting Indonesian pop)
Buk Buk Bigups
San(s) Kazakgascar

For more info, see calendar.
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