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Posted by DJ Rick on 2010-10-11 1:00:41pm

Sorry..I tried to get the word out as far as possible and as quickly, too, but tickets sold out in 32 hours. In other news, people pitch tents on the street in front of the box office everytime a Billy Joel concert is announced. So, this doesn't suck as much as you might think.

If anyone comes to a |-|.u.B. show on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you are entered into a raffle to win a ticket. If you come to all three, you're entered into a raffle (with really good odds, I reckon) to win a pair of tickets, plus a merch table's worth of band merch.

See shows marked "Feats of Strength" on calendar.

:that sucks.
::Is this sold out or what???
:::This is the redirect page for people who waited too long to buy tickets to the Wild Flag show.

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