Re: Re: Re: Re: phono select-selling crap to the masses
Posted by distro vet on 2010-10-10 2:59:23pm

:Yeah, that really sucks that someone's opening a record store.
::i'll leave their outlook to the invisible hand and not care about it a nanosecond beyond me hitting sned

I'm guessing the loser who is rallying against a new record store has no idea what breadth is. Ever worked at a distro company? Knowledge or world, jazz, reggae, classical, and more? Think not. You're the dipshit who only cares if your lame, unknown 7" is in stock so you can pay below market value and help a new record store close that much faster.

Phono-Select is just getting their shit together and needs positive input to bring in new stock, not ill-advised hate. I'm happy to have known the owner and know that he has more knowledge in his left testicle than you'll ever have.

Now scurry on back to your Facebook page so you can update it with a picture of Shirley Temple at your over-priced coffee shop where you scam free-Wifi and don't buy anything 'cause you're too cheap to pay, fuckwad.

There's always room for more record stores in Sacramento...
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