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Posted by undietacos on 2010-10-09 4:59:35pm

Sat, 10/23
Nickelback, Three Days Grace, and Buckcherry
Arco Arena
6:15, $92.35 / $77.55 / $59.40, all ages


haha who added this? maybe they'll play "something in your mouth". that said it's staying. also, "buckcherry"

Sun, 10/31
9:00, $15.00, 21+


i just looked them up on youtube to see what the hell they were still doing and the first thing that came up was a sublime cover from 2006. well either way fine, bonin' in the boneyard.

Sat, 2/19
Note to self (nevermind who else is looking)
Don't book anything for this date, DJ Rick!
8:00, $0, all ages I'll be otherwise predisposed.


drawing the line here + subsequently deleted. dj rick is gonna book shows no matter what.
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