new Standard Tribesmen 7 inch
Posted by on 2010-09-28 8:43:50pm

This started shipping this week, only a handful left.

MTN-06 - The Standard Tribesmen
"Waiting" b/w "Young Lovers/Luv In A Car" 7 inch
45RPM, limited to 300 copies

What started as the one-man Sores side-project of Julian Elorduy IV (MAYYORS), Standard Tribesmen solidified as a skronky, rock n' roll 6-piece (featuring MAYYORS' Chris Woodhouse on bass) that crashed about Northern California for a couple of years before imploding. Luckily Woodhouse put a smoldering handful of tracks to tape, three of which are available on this very limited slab of wax. Packaging consists of a hand-punched outer cover with a 2 color offset insert featuring artwork by Jay Howell.

"If you plotted The Sonics, the Contortions, and Feedtime on a graph, the Standard Tribesmen are somewhere in between that triangle, shading a bit toward the Sonics' corner." - DJ Rick

$6.50 USD, Post Paid within the US, PayPal to
Overseas customers get in touch for postal rates and limitations.

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