Re: Re: phono select-selling crap to the masses
Posted by Mr. Sensible on 2010-09-23 2:30:26pm

I think someone forgot to take their happy pill today. And yeah.. I mean why leave it up to the free market when we can just turn to you oh wise one and see whats in the future? I hate variety and choice.. and more record stores. Boo hoo hoo.. ... now go put on your big boy pants and start focusing your rage on somnething a little more important than Sacramento's retail record stores.

:really? someone wants to own a record store? how many douche bags can they get from the beat? all five people that buy dollar records from braodway... i mean, this is stupid. Did aynone talk to the "S" about this? He could've crushed aspirations, but noooooooo... some market soothsayer is telling them this is a capital venture... a boyhood dream? why would anyone want to support a record store that will go out of their way to perpetuate the shit norm that is sacramento... is the caveat that they'll have captured tracks 7"s? Maybe an occasional dubstep 12"... oh, no, they'll resell your talking heads "remain in light" for five bucks over what they paid you, and they didn't even know what the hell the camberwell now was...Dimple already does this vinyl charade and anyone that supports them is supporting a corrupt institution. Why can't some kid who likes weird shit start a record store? Why does it have to be sterile fucking chump-ass retards? just curious... when do they open? I wonder if they'll have elvis costello records? or, if i'm lucky, i could get an english beat record... cutting edge, what, neon indian? jesus. someone add something hateful to this post,please!?

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